Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oberlin at the Metropolitan Museum

Oberlin's art museum is closed for renovation, and in the meantime works are at Akron, Cleveland, and now, just opened, in a show at the Metropolitan in NYC. "Side by Side" puts 20 Oberlin works in the galleries of the Met with their own (incredible) collection.

I went last week and loved the show. It didn't hurt that Central Park was buzzing with blossoms and bicycles as well.

I loved especially how the paintings that I have worked with for years at Oberlin now take on new meanings when they are in a new context.

Oberlin's museum has its own blogsite, so I wrote a piece for that -- this click should take you there. Here I am in front of one of my favorites:


mjcopeland said...

Nick, Is there a contest to guess which of the three paintings is your favorite? ;)

Angela said...

Sorry, Nick--Maybe it's this glass of wine, but I really needed more information to follow when something is at the Met vs. when it's at Oberlin. Even the picture of you in front of 3 pictures--I don't know whether that's at the Met or Allen! Maybe a clarifying footnote?

Nick & Sue said...

Sorry to have been unclear. The landscape with the moon is the one I meant as my favorite; the pic is at the Met! I wrote a more extended blog for the Allen's website and linked to it at the end of this blog, which is why it's not self-explanatory. Convoluted enough?

mjcopeland said...

Looks like a beautiful painting!