Sunday, December 31, 2000

Source Code

For this blog, I'm working with my grandson Jordan Meek. He lives in Illinois and he loves to go to the movies. So this weekend we went to the movie called Source Code. It was kind of hard to understand at the beginning. It right away took you into the train where a bombing happened. Sean Fentriss is the hero, and he is a history teacher and he suddenly is in this alternate world where somehow, a Captain Goodwin, is making him find out who the bomber is.

The best part was in the middle when he was beginning to ask people what they were doing because he thought they looked suspicious. Capt. Goodwin gave him clues as to where to look, and how to look at people.

He finds the bomb, but the mission was really not to find the bomb but to find the bomber. We're not going to tell you what happened, but we give it 4 stars (Nick) and 4.5 stars (Jordan).

We're going to find a good snapshot of this thriller. If you like trains, by the way, with a little twist, you'll like this movie.

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