Thursday, February 16, 2012


What a great job I have! Today I got to re-read poems by Keats and Wordsworth for a class on literary theory, which I got to lead on front of Oberlin's fascinating Diebenkorn painting.

Only problem, I decided tp kneel on the floor while we discussed, and my knees still feel it. The first graders that passed by looked amused, or was I just projecting?

Later I got to go to a video and sound installation of three colleagues about Antarctica. Barely walked out, it was so moving.

and after, I got to talk with the brilliant students in Oberlin's Historical Performance program ( early music, that is) and two of my wonderful colleagues about Italian madrigal texts. I learned so much, and I think they might have, too.

Unfortunately, I have no smarts left to translate Cicero for the Latin class I'm taking, which meets tomorrow at 9 am. Oh, we'll, or as the magrigalists would say, oime!

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CHEN said...

oh take care of your knees!
(This might sound strange.) But I think the picture of the Diebenkorn painting in your post looks much nicer than the original painting...
I'm sure everyone in the madrigal class has learned a lot. Thanks! I was especially impressed by "oime" (the madrigal, the poem, and your wonderful reading of your own translation).