Monday, December 10, 2012

Oberlin Musical Union

It's no wonder that Amadeus featured the Mozart C Minor Mass. Like so much of Mozart, this piece transcends its occasion (a commissioned mass in Salzburg, the town Mozart was so glad to have left).

Here's the throbbing, opening Kyrie (John Eliot Gardner):

And that spectacular solo he wrote for his wife Costanze-- the Christe eleison! Here's Salieri "listening" to it:

Oberlin's Musical Union performed the mass last night.

My review is here:  Don't forget to sign up with Cleveland Classical while you're there!

The high point was Ellie Dehn's gorgeous singing of Et incarnatus est. (She's an Oberlin graduate!). On her website, here is her rendition of this "concerted" piece for flute, oboe, bassoon and soprano...

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Harry Hoover said...

Nick's comment about the soprano moments being some of the finest in this work takes me back to Maria Stader's contributions to my recording of the Mass under Ferenc Fricsay. The thread though my life that she spins can always be depended upon to weave around me. When I need a fix, she can deliver it.